Intro - Pilot  Instructors



The following BARCC members have been appointed to serve as this years Intro-Pilot Instructors:

Sam Samuelson 304-615-1430
George Moberg 304-422-3468

                                                    Dan Logan


The above listed Into - Pilot Instructors are the only instructors approved to instruct non-AMA prospective members at the Blennerhassett Area RC Club field. It is the sole responsibility of each Into - Pilot Instructor to complete the required AMA Intro - Pilot student forms. These forms will be available at the Club Office and must be sent to AMA Headquarters within 24 hours after the first lesson. The student has 30 consecutive days of training under this program, the time period is non-renewable. After the 30 day period the student must have paid his/her AMA membership and paid his/her BARCC club dues to continue to fly at the Club Field.

At this time the member may call upon any of the Club appointed instructors to continued flight training. A list of qualified instructors will be posted in the Club Office and will be posted on the Web Site.

Any questions concerning this program should be directed to Larry Smith  @ 304-485-5965.