BARCC Ground School

1. RC safety instructions

  a. Instruction and familiarization with AMA safety rules and
    BARCC flying field rules.
  b. Safe engine starting
  c. Proper radio check
  d. Use of transmitter impound stand and frequency control board
  e. Familiarization with field flying boundaries and pit area
  f. Instruction on the use of voice signals on takeoff, Landing, dead-stick, low passes and touch-and-go. (see below)



  Basic explanation of airplane aerodynamic principles


  (how control surfaces affect flight).
3.   Explanation of transmitter controls and how they relate to
    airplane movement, and how to trim an airplane for level flight (use of trim tabs).
4.   RC airplane safety inspection:
        a.   Engine and prop mounting
        b.   Aircraft balancing and trimming
        c.   Control surfaces structurally sound and properly
       d.   Radio installation and range check
       e.   Proper installation of landing gear
       f.    Check general aircraft flying surfaces for air worthiness
5.   Engine adjustments (setting high end and low end throttle
    adjustments and trim tab kill adjustment for engine)


Flight School